Bayon is an all-Russian online shopping center with an assortment of electronics and home appliances, consisting of more than 50,000 products. The company’s mission is to make online shopping easier for all of Bayonne began its work in 2012 and has served more than 200,000 customers in all Russian cities.

Despite the annual ten-fold increase since its inception, they have been able to provide excellent quality of service for the industry to our clients – 94% of satisfied customers and a customer satisfaction index (Net Promoter Score) at the level of 76 points.

They offer 47,858 products with good prices. As an online store, we do not pay rent fabulous and do not maintain an army of sellers. Therefore, Bayonne you can buy at lower prices.

Guarantee 1 million rubles. What you will get a quality product or your money. Each time for each order. Responsibility Bayona insured warranty.

They also have free returns. By law, the buyer pays the return delivery of the goods. In Bayonne, you can return the goods free of charge at our expense within 15 rather than position 7 days.

Free shipping. All orders, all the cities of the Russian Federation. Free – does not mean bad. They deliver by courier and operative paragraphs 11 ex leading transport companies in Russia.


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