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Get a free .COM Domain when you purchase Website Builder starting at $1.00/month. Blogger, gamer, sports fan, business owner, no matter what you call yourself, you need a website to share what you do with the world. Get started now for only $1/month. It’s easy and fast!

To earn credits:
• Purchase Website Builder for only $1/month and spend at least $12
• To qualify, you MUST be a new GoDaddy customer and complete the offer within 2 hours.
• You will not be credited if you apply a coupon code or close your browser window.
• Please note: If you cancel your order your credits may be revoked.


Visit GoDaddy – Website Builder Now is an official IFastNet LTD domain and service designed to securely manage our clients premium hosting services and related account information such as Paypal payments, credit card payments and other information.

New Client Features

  • Place new orders securely and quickly
  • Receive Paid cPanel Hosting Price Quotes
  • Receive VPS Server Quotes
  • Domain Registration
  • Affiliate System for Referrals


Existing client features

  • Update contact and WHOIS information
  • View current orders and quotes
  • Upgrade and Downgrade plans seamlessly
  • Login to cPanel and Webmail
  • Add multiple contact addresses
  • View and pay invoices
  • Change your account password
  • View past e-mails sent regarding your service and/or account
  • Renew, enable/disable registrar lock on domains

What we can offer?

On our site you can find information about our hosting plans as well as our domain name prices and information. We provide a majority of hosting and domain services which are mostly required by most of our clients.

We try to ensure all our clients are satisfied with the services received and much more.

Some of the things included with each hosting plans are:

  • Free Domains and Bonus Domains
  • Free SSL certificates using Let’s Encrypt service
  • Free RailGun support with CloudFlare (Usually costs $200 USD)
  • HTTP/2 support directly with all our shared plans
  • Free Script Installer with over 200+ scripts
  • Free SiteBuilder included
  • Security features and battle tested environment

This is only a small part of what we can provide. If you are looking for something specific, please contact our Support Department for more information.

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The idea came about when a group of web designers couldn’t find a reliable hosting company to place their newly designed websites. The reliability of hosting at that time was poor.

The founder of UKC decided to use his experience of server management to set up a dedicated server so that they could host their own sites.

At last, a self managed, secure and high performing hosting service was at the fingertips of the design team.
Domain registration and Web hosting services become the focus

By 2002 it was clear that the web design business had to take second stage as the demand for low cost domain registrations and reliable hosting were too great. UK Cheapest was officially launched and domain registrations and web hosting service were first offered directly to clients.
Our philosophy is simple, clear and true

We believe that domain registration and hosting services should not be dominated by expensive and technically scary providers, clients should not be frightened in to paying excessively for services that are no longer expensive to provide. We dedicate our efforts to ensuring that all of the highest standards of security and performance are provided at affordable, reasonable costs.
Where do we go from here?

Since those early days, we have amassed hundreds of thousands of clients and manage their domain names and hosting services faultlessly, we endeavour to make available the latest technologies to all our clients and to allow our clients to do what they themselves do best, that is to run their own businesses.

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AvaHost has been successfully operating on the hosting market for more than 14 years, since it was established in 2001. At first the company started to focus on United States and other English speaking countries. One year later in 2002 the company opened up new branches in other European counries and launched few other non-english sites/brands. We are providing reliable service and the best web hosting solutions for personal web sites and small-to-medium sized businesses.
At this time we have thousands of clients located all over the globe.

We offer virtually all the major types of hosting packages and related services: standard hosting («virtual»
or «shared» hosting), reseller, VPS (VDS) servers, cloud VPS servers, domain registration, creation, website promotion, etc.

Our most popular package at — Standard hosting («virtual» or «shared» hosting).
This is the most wallet friendly and at the same time the easiest and most convenient form of hosting that we offer. It’s when a single
server is configured to host multiple customer accounts, that share its resources.
Each client has their own (CPanel), through which he has full control of his hosting account.
As a bonus, all our Standard hosting plan clients have access to our easy and convenient «site builder».

To better our clients experience we offer a choice of hosting in professional Data centers in different countries such as: USA (Charlotte, NC) and Europe (London).
In all Data centers we use our own Enterprise Class server-racks (Supermicro, Dell) and networking equipment (Cisco).

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VPN.AC is operated by Netsec Interactive Solutions, an IT security company established in Romania, in 2009. Each individual member of our team has over 14 years of experience in IT security, providing security audit and penetration testing services for both public and private customers, banks and military institutions.

Our experience in pentesting and security audit services is mainly what gives us an edge in keeping our infrastructure secure, because it is often the infrastructure implementation which is the weakest link of a VPN service.

Encryption/data security is something we are very familiar with, as a result of being a local supplier of some of most secure commercial encrypted storage devices, which are compliant with requirements for governmental and military use (FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL, NATO InfoSec, etc.)

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