Crazy sell-off in 2008, began operating in Taiwan, the two founders Mike and Kevin self-proclaimed middle-aged uncle, but relying on the market keen sense of smell, and e-commerce experience, pick from thousands of products in most Terrier few pieces to sell special “a daily thing” started.

Crazy to sell off selling things all-inclusive, as long as they comply with “simple, cheap and fun.” These principles, from consumer goods, 3C peripherals, beauty care, luxury food, strange to other commodities, all single-handedly. Early days crazy sell-off, relying on an enthusiastic, size manufacturers around the country to visit, to find anything that might be a star commodity supply, and with the assistance of a team, one will be on product lines. This somewhat rebellious shopping site successful in attracting a large number of “blindly like this,” who, while they are a bit crazy story, but publishers are assembled into a book, leave their alternative legendary record.

After addition MHz electronic media’s place One Year Business Group, crazy sell-off also transition to buy nets, continued with promotions novelty goods, and a little bit funny brand DNA, who continue to maintain good interaction with consumers.


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