Founded in 2003 and opened its first store in 2004, de facto, in a short time like 11 years has taken its place among the leading brands in the apparel and fashion industry in Turkey.

Today abroad in the industry with 283 stores continues its path as the second largest company operating in Turkey. In 2011, together with design office opened in Barcelona to affordable and quality product design to adapt to world trends has managed to add.

Since its inception, moving with the vision of becoming a global fashion brand defacto, it has opened its first overseas store in Kazakhstan in February of 2012. Defacto today 22 in Kazakhstan, Iraq 6, 2 in Egypt, five in Belarus, Georgia 2, 3 in Russia, Kosovo, Morocco, Albania, Azerbaijan and Northern Cyprus in accordance with their culture and lifestyle collections for each of a total of 45 stores, including many are prepared.

Design products to offer in addition to innovation and R & D investments and implemented as the defacto Inova and de facto Eco products such as groups with differentiated products in innovation and recycling to its customers. Defacto, the future can be reached in the fashion industry will maintain its presence as one of the major players. Fashion brand with a global vision of becoming the defacto, in 2025 with stores in 50 countries, the online trade aims to operate in 100 countries and work continues in this direction.


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