Dekopasaj experiences with those who want to sell their decor items and furniture, then the product is a passage to a beautiful place where people meet could lead his own life. In other words, looking for a second home is an established marketplace for furniture.

Used furniture and decor products, they come to life again in another venue also brings added value to both value and a pleasant pale to new places.

Nowadays, a lot of places where you can buy the furniture you want to allocate a limited way. Even if you find you do not have access to proper showcase right customers. When taking a stand properly, you need to get to a grueling expedition to find the one selected.

So they decided to create a place to fully private market, so this product. Used furniture converting the game into a pleasant discovery experience, we make it attractive for sale. Better sales experience, brought together the right products. The right products at the right buyers.

If you want to buy the furniture easily, whatever you want without breaking the budget, it is the invention of a new home waiting with the location of furniture or just go on a voyage of discovery.

Upload photos of items you want to put up for sale, along with details of the ad and sent for approval. Do not forget to show their product defects. After a review by their team announcement will be published as soon as possible.

If you wish to come and get you when the product is sold Dekopasaj transport team door. If you want to make yourself realize the transport of goods transport within 72 hours and have to do the follow-up. In this case, product liability belongs to you, of course.

After the shipping of the product, note that 48 hours to evaluate the new owner. Dekopasaj guaranteed payment account in the pool this time! Until this time know of any refund account Without the money demand.


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