The Gardens is a nationwide chain of health food stores, a unique retail formula that meets current social development, in which quality of life in a natural and balanced manner taking an increasingly important role.

The world is changing rapidly which people have less and less free time. Less free time to spend on leisure, family, friends or themselves. Internet, mobile phones, increased workload and many social “obligations” ensure that there remains little time to enjoy. Within this hectic world shops offer Gardens a point of rest. Rest to stand for a moment reflect on the quality of life. Rest to agree to just reflect on our health, our care and the fact that we like a little more ourselves and want to treat others.

The range of the Gardens are a natural blend of healthy and tasty products and emphasis on inner and outer care. Besides homeopathic medicines, sports nutrition, dietary supplements and natural body care products you can also find Gardens relaxation products, teas, herbs species, confectionery, health foods and surprising gifts.

The Gardens is strong in its own brand. In their stores you can find about 850 products Gardens brand. All these products meet the highest quality standards. They offer these products for the best price.

The range of our own brand includes:

– Dietary supplements consisting of vitamins, minerals, herbs and specials.
– Care products consisting of various facial care, body care, foot products, baby products and special care for the man.
– Tea
– Candy
– Essential oils
– Incense
– Cereals


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