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Ebates.c is a rewards website much like SwagBucks.com, but unlike SB, it only focuses on online shopping. It allows its members to earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases from more than 1,200 online stores without asking them to redeem their points, mail in forms, or pay any fee for joining as a member.

Ebates.ca is a rewards website where members can earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases at over 1,200 online stores without having to redeem points, mail in forms, or pay membership fees.

Rewards websites like Ebates earn a commission when you purchase an item from one of their partner stores. In turn, they pay part of that commission to you to ensure you continue shopping through Ebates at their partner stores.

When you initially register at Ebates.com, you will be asked to choose a bonus $10 gift card. This gift card will be awarded to you after you have earned your first $25 in cash back.

Earning Cash Back
Whenever you are hoping to earn cash back with Ebates, you must use either their website or their downloadable toolbar to access their partner stores.

Even if you have purchased at that store through Ebates previously, you must access that store through Ebates every time to get credit. If Ebates does not receive credit for your purchase then you cannot earn cash back. If you refer friends and family members to use Ebates, you can also earn cash back on their first purchase through Ebates.

Unfortunately, returns and exchanges of purchased items will cancel out your cash back earnings. When you exchange an item, the store will consider that a brand new purchase not done through Ebates, so you won’t be able to earn cash back.

How it Works
1. At the outset you have to sign up. It is free, without any charge whatsoever. Additionally, you get rewarded for signing up. On signing as a new member you are offered a gift card worth $10 for a store of your choice.
2. Using the search box, look for the store you want to buy from.
3. Having found the store, just click “Shop Now” button.
4. A tracking ticket gets created for you. Now, you are at liberty to complete your purchase from the selected store within thirty days, and claim your cash back thereafter.
5. After you have completed your purchase, they automatically credit your account with the correct amount of cash.

Getting Your Cash Back
As long as you have earned more than $5.01, you will receive a cash back payment every 3 months in February, May, August, and November. If you have earned less than $5.01, your earnings will be carried over to the next check.

You can have the check mailed to you or directly deposited into your PayPal account. You can also have the check mailed to a charity or a family member, if you choose. Simply make sure to set up your account to reflect how you want your earnings paid out.


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