EyesCream.com.tw Review

In order to truly based on the forefront of fashion, EYESCREAM in 2010 in Seoul, South Korea set up branch offices, enable top local talents belonging directly convey the beauty of Korean women as well as popular attitudes.

Unlike advertised Korean or Korean goods manufacturers, EYESCREAM to “What’s New, diverse, high texture” brand beliefs, in order to create and Korean pop zero-day become the biggest importer of Korean fashion brand clothes, EYESCREAM maintain one hundred Korean clothing brand closely Cooperation. Whether jackets, sweaters, dresses …… each single product are all consumers in the style, price, quality and strict control, the latest models, the most popular and most affordable three major guarantee.

Unlike other online shopping industry uses pre-order sales approach, EYESCREAM whole museum Goods are all physical commodities, in the most intimate quality fast delivery service, available to every pursuit of a high fashion Famous online shopping enthusiasts, the next day when the world order that is receive! Shopping process easy to understand simple instructions leaving shopping pleasant.

EYESCREAM good at capturing the feminine body type and inadvertently revealed the confident style, whether it will feel windbreaker jacket, showing neat suit jacket OL outfit sexy elegant long dress or will with a sense of joy PARTY little dress is a classic brand masterpiece, naturally the unique Korean aesthetics flow gap in life.

EYESCREAM whole museum merchandise are all spot sales, weekdays (Monday to Friday) 12:00 ago ordering, shipping on the day of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and national holidays postponed shipments.


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