Handy.com Review

Handy helps you get your home in order! Handy is the leading platform for connecting customers with home services professionals including cleaners, plumbers and handymen. Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background-checked, and insured. You can book, online or via the mobile app, in 60 seconds and schedule your home service for as early as tomorrow.

How Does It Work?
According to their website, all Handy professionals are experienced, friendly, background checked, and insured, so their clients can feel confident that they will be receiving the assistance of a well vetted professional when they book through their website.

All customers need to do is choose the type of service they are hoping to book, then select the date and time they would like their professional to come, including dates as soon as tomorrow.

All payments will be handled through their website, so if a customer has any issue or complaint with the service they have received or the service provider, they can address their concerns with Handy.com.

Cost/Price Plans
Customers who use this website to book their services will encounter no fees beyond what they are expected to pay for the services they request.

Customer Service Contact Info
Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints is to do so by phone at 866-849-7492 or by submitting them directly to their website.


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