Kabbage started with a simple idea —
to streamline the process of getting a loan by utilizing the power of real-time data and automation.

A strong culture is one that is evident even to newcomers and is cultivated through dedication to a clear set of values and embodied by all members of the community. At Kabbage, we have found it is part of our DNA to care deeply. That most often entails a great degree of autonomy, freedom of voice, and respect for one another. As a result of the high value we place on these values, we find our team members more passionately engaged in the business and poised for great achievements.

Our culture is not rote in nature, nor is it burdened by process for its own sake. Rather, our team members are empowered to work expansively, with minimal limitations; interactions across functional teams are common, and the organization utilizes its collective intelligence to solve problems and spur innovation. Our culture is defined by courage to try new and even crazy ideas, knowing mistakes are not punished, and success is celebrated and shared collectively.


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