Review is inspired by life, by what is dearest to our hearts, by things which surround us and which we admire. They derive ideas from the world we live in, from elements which are universal, unique and timeless. An idea slowly takes shape, a simple drawing gives birth to a new project.

Lilou jewelry and accessories are created especially for You, for Him and for your Children. Lilou makes your dearest moments stay forever. Lilou pieces are talismans of happiness, love, friendship, they are charms holding your sweetest memories.

They work with the best studios in and outside Poland. They follow the latest trends, play with colors and use best quality materials. All elements are either made of 925 fineness silver or they are gold-plated.They use Italian leather and bag fittings, best quality 100 cashmere as well as natural pearls from the best producers.

The calmness, friendliness, harmony and refined interiors of their salons provide an optimal environment for the conveyed emotions and comfort for the customers. In every salon you will find true professionalism and effective assistance in styling.


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