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Launched in February 2011, Eudora is the Apothecary Group business unit focused on modern women, performing multiple roles in their daily lives without losing the grip and strength in search of their achievements. Sensuality, strength and femininity are the outstanding characteristics of these women inspired Eudora to create and develop its portfolio. There are about 600 perfumery, makeup, accessories, hair, bath and body so that they can crush, daring, impress and seduce.

For Eudora these women have an infinite power director and brand itself as a partner in this journey, encouraging women to join beauty and attitude to make them feel powerful and realize what they want.

Eudora believes the male strengthens the feminine, and vice versa. And for this, it develops quality products for the man accompanying the woman on his achievements, intentions and celebrations. Therefore, Eudora also has male products such as perfumes, shaving foam, aftershave lotions and deodorants.

Headquartered in São Paulo, Eudora was born as the first national company in the segment to act through a multi-channel strategy that includes direct sales, e-commerce, as well as stores for trial and purchase products. The brand has in direct sales the main marketing channel with representatives registered in different parts of Brazil. Eudora now has four concept stores and 15 service centers in the country.


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