Loom & Leaf mattress Review

Enjoy free delivery, setup and mattress removal with a 120 day home trial. High-density, eco-friendly memory foam with an organic cotton cover. Sleeps cool and relieves pressure while providing lumbar support. The Loom & Leaf mattress is constructed with four different layers, stacking up to an impressive 12” of comfort when compared to the industry-standard 10” mattress. The added thickness leads to great deep compression support and durability.


Good for:

  • Those who want that classic memory foam feel – The gel and memory foam layers combine to provide excellent pressure relief with a pleasant sinking feel that hugs the contours of your body.

  • People looking to sleep cool – I’d also recommend this mattress for anyone that’s worried about sleeping too hot. The gel layer on top regulates temperature well and the convoluted design promotes some great air flow throughout the bed.

  • People who want a luxury feel on a budget – Loom & Leaf prides itself on providing a memory foam experience at lower costs than other foam alternatives, so this mattress would be great for someone who wants that luxurious feel without breaking the bank.


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