Matsumotokiyoshi is, the motto of “friendly shops” and “easier to better goods”, they have always aimed at making shop to satisfy customers. In the drugstore Matsumotokiyoshi, to ensure the many stores in prime locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, urban drugstore, etc. downtown and station buildings, suburban drugstore and dispensing features type of drugstore, Ya Medical Mall abundantly align the store development and excellent products that meet the needs of local communities and customers, such as large hospital before dispensing specialty pharmacy, by the practice of selling by the consulting services of staff with specialized knowledge, solid trust between the customer they have built up a relationship.

From personal computers and smart phone enjoy shopping the products of Matsumotokiyoshi is being deployed to the online store.

Pharmaceutical products that are sold in stores deployment in health food, cosmetics, daily necessities and food center. Including also mail order goods which are not covered in the store, it offers a variety of about 13,000 items.

Such as the opening of the major shopping site other than the site of its own operations, they also carried out new initiatives.

Moreover, against the background of the spread of the Internet, social media, they are also deployment of the Omni channel to take advantage of the stores and online both. Enhancement of store services that can be utilized in online from the dissemination of information on the Internet, and, has developed a service that can be leveraged together all the points and purchase information. They strive to constantly improve services towards the satisfaction of their customers.


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