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Miss Etam is located in a pleasant, bustling shopping among more than 500 other stores. Tuesday and Saturday, the whole street filled with market stalls where many public comes off.

Miss Etam has been available since 1987 in the center of Veenendaal. Veenendaal is on the edge of the Veluwe, on the edge of Utrecht. Veenendaal as live / work community especially attractive because of its central location in the heart of the Netherlands.

Miss Etam has an extensive range of women’s fashion and matching accessories. Every woman can contact Miss Etam. Etam Plus collection for large sizes, the Long- and Short collection long and smaller women, maternity wear, corrective underwear and shoes. Miss Etam is happy to help you in finding the right outfit and gives you advice like how to make a complete outfit with the right bijoux, belts and scarves.

They are consists of women of different ages so that every woman can relate to our staff.They are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and answer your questions with pleasure. There is always a cup of coffee waiting for you and you have the unlikely event of a complaint just reached them.


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