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On their site you can buy fashionable and elegant baby clothes. We recommend to visit our catalog, which presents models and a collection of clothes for girls and boys: sports clothes, festive clothes and clothes for everyday wear.

Now you do not need to go to the shops and markets in search of children’s sizes – to buy clothes in our children’s store is convenient and pleasant. Simply choose the right model and specify the desired size. They will deliver it to the apartment, if you live in Moscow, or in almost any other part of Russia.

They are engaged in trade children’s clothing known brands and PlayToday S’cool. Designers are experts in children’s fashion, so your child will always look fashionable and modern. At the same time, we note that the prices of our products will pleasantly surprise you. Often there are sales of children’s clothing.

Children’s knitwear and children’s underwear PlayToday is considered one of the best price / quality. Internet shop of children’s products on the market children’s products have long been, and they use well-honed sales scheme and timely delivery, which is very important. For this we appreciate our customers children’s products through the Internet.

Among the latest updates of their range – school uniforms and clothes for teenagers. A little bit more.

Along with fashionable clothes for the little ones, they bring you a teen clothing collection that meets the highest demands of modern teenage fashion. It is known that teenagers most scrupulous in choosing clothes and seek to meet the modern fashion trends. But teenage fashion, and familiar to us, the usual fashion – different things. Perhaps parents should entrust the choice of clothing directly to children, or your purchase may bring disappointment teenager.

They know the choice of school costume – a headache for most parents of schoolchildren. Now different schools have different requirements for school uniforms – from “free” to formal suits and ties. And at prices sufficient school clothes varies greatly, but expensive – does not mean high quality and good. Online store offers PlayToday uniforms of good quality, taste and meets modern fashion at reasonable prices. However, like the rest of the range of their catalog of children’s clothes.

Often there are discounts for children’s clothing.


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