Uvinum.co.uk Review

Uvinum has been created with a clear idea: to share the passion for wine. It was just having a glass of wine at a bar in the Eixample district of Barcelona when they decided to create Uvinum.

They could not find an on-line service in which they could: discover wines, receive customized recommendations based on our consumer profile, talk to other wine lovers and be a wine store with best prices. It was something unknown to us.

As wine lovers, they needed to create a service with a clear message: democratize wine world. They want to stir the wine industry up by offering a service that helps both the user to understand this world and find the best wine at the best price.

And everything with a language and style that they all understand. Because Uvinum is for professionals and beginners, from the most prestigious winemakers to the wine unfamiliar. They only need you to love wine.


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