In 1931, Dr. Allaire and VICHY Laboratories created the first cosmetic products with the addition of thermal water from the spring, which today is the basis of all the means of VICHY. Asked to classify the type of the skin, he developed a unique formula for the care of each of them.

The world’s only factory producing assets located in France VICHY four kilomenterfrom the town of Vichy.

VICHY brand products are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Leather – a living and dynamic body that are affected various external and internal factors. Experts Laboratories VICHY for more than 80 years studying the processes occurring in the skin as a result of these factors, to create such tools that would ensure the correct operation of the skin independently. Therefore dermatocosmetics VICHY not surface corrects the problem, and takes into account the reasons for their occurrence, safely and effectively transforming the skin, even sensitive.

The efficacy and safety dermatocosmetics VICHY clinically proven and is due to a unique combination of dermatological active ingredients in combination with the highly mineralized thermal water of volcanic origin VICHY SPA.

They strive to ensure that the brand through the skin VICHY any woman, regardless of external (stress, bad ecology, the rhythm of life) and internal (changes in the level of metabolism, microflora and hormonal) factors look well-groomed and remained healthy and young for a long time.


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