VivaLoan Review

VivaLoan is a free, no obligation financial service that matches borrowers with lenders for personal loans. Their network of lenders specialize in both long and short term loans. However if for some reason you can’t be matched up with a lender, VivaLoan will do their best to match you with a short term loan to address your immediate needs and build your credit history too.

The process to get a loan with Vivaloan is simple and short. Here are 4 main steps to getting your loan with VivaLoan.

Apply Online – short secure online application form
Get Matched – your loan request is matched across their network of lenders
Get Approved -Once a match is found, your approval is provided in real-time
Collect Your Funds – sign the loan and collect the funds
VivaLoan extensive network of local and nation-wide lending group allows you to get real-time approval notification and flexible repayment options. It used to be that getting a loan was a time-consuming and confusing process but VivaLoan makes that process simple and clear. Some clients can get approved in less than 90 seconds after submitting their application. VivaLoan offer repayment periods of up to 36 months.


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