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The store Vodomotorika.ru You can buy a boat for fishing boats to hunt for speed sailing, the conquest of the mountain rivers, water-based recreation and tourism. Sale of boats – our main activity, so its range, we select carefully and focus at the same time on the widest demands of customers.

The site Vodomotorika.ru You can choose and buy a boat from the best international and Russian brands Hdx, Nissamaran, Altair, Badger, Gladiator and others. Our catalog is conveniently structured, so the search for the desired brand or product you do not have to spend a single extra second. In addition to the technical description of the goods we publish reviews on the boat, so our site can obtain user information that will help you make an informed and wise choice.

Online shop boats Vodomotorika.ru offers you:
– Boats for fishing and hunting – rowing and under the motor
– Boats for walking and tourism – inflatable, fiberglass and aluminum
– Boats for sports and recreation – catamarans, pedal boats, canoes, kayaks, canoes
– Boats enhanced comfort
– Boat motors
– Board electronics, automobile trailers and a wide range of other accessories.

In the store you can buy Vodomotorika.ru boats for hunting with a spacious cockpit, where from the comfort of not only the crew and equipment, but at the same time fit the whole game, you will extract.


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