17life.com Review

17Life the sounds “Life Together”, “living together” to meet the needs of consumers in all aspects of their lifestyles recreation, covered the well-known restaurant group, popular food, top SPA, luxury travel, or beauty fashion apparel, 3C appliances, home delivery hot, consumer goods, etc., every day to provide ultra-low 3 fold concessions, 17Life Taiwan is the first and most perfect life on a regional airline network concept of virtual consumption platform, network platforms and mobile devices, providing value of goods or service coupon physical stores, so that consumers can instantly buy goodies and enjoy the service.

17Life has a strong membership base, comprising: 17Life 2.5 million members, the largest women shopping network ─PayEasy 400 high members of the country issuing new amount No.2 Holding (four million cards issued), as well as domestic 323 well-known enterprises designated corporate welfare net, and 280 000 FB fans, members and has a strong spending power quality.


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