UNT was founded based on philosophies that skin care should not be a luxury, that all people deserve healthy and comfortable skin equally, and that every product should have a purpose for skin. Since its inception in 2004, UNT has persisted on developing only medical-grade skin care products that deliver visible results, at prices affordable to the mass market.

“UNT” is named after an abbreviation taken from “Untitled” because we believe that beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. Also, we feel that UNT cannot relate to just one form of beauty.

UNT is characterized by its use of bioactive compounds that originate exclusively from world-class pharmaceutical plants in France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the US. This has allowed its formulas to introduce innovative molecular solutions that target wide ranging skin problems. Moreover, selling direct online cuts off the expensive commissions and fees from the prices, making UNT’s products affordable to everyone.

Specifically, all UNT products share the following distinct attributes:

– Small molecular weight
– Easily absorbed
– Light, low oil-based content
– High concentrations of active ingredients
– Hypoallergenic
– In sync with international development for new materials

For the past years, UNT has gained popularity and become the best choice for cleansing, moisturizing, depigmenting, firming, and anti-aging for many users around the world.

UNT advisors consist of experts across different fields ranging from biochemists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, and pharmacists. Every expert contributes his or her industry knowledge coupled with UNT’s expertise in international market ingredients; together we are able to offer quality, safe, and affordable products to users around the world.


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