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Online kids’ store “Akusherstvo” offers a wide selection of products for children prices: children’s furniture, bedding, car seats, strollers, bicycles; kangaroos, carrying bags; baby products; products for the hygiene and health of the baby: baby monitors, baby monitors, humidifiers, cosmetics for mother and baby, baby scales, diapers, first aid kits, toys, child safety products, etc/

“Akusherstvo” is an online shop with a huge amount of goods for a very large number of categories. This product, which is represented on the site is able to satisfy even the most discerning and demanding palates. In addition, the site has created a powerful information support, which includes guidelines and tools for education and treatment of children. There are also quite active user forum.

The advantages of shopping on “Akusherstvo”

– In one place you can buy everything you need baby diapers and plasticine to cots and locking devices for furniture.
– The store offers a huge range of children’s products, able to satisfy even the most discerning and demanding palates.
– Prices and range compares favorably even against market competitors.
– in addition to the main store on the site is active message board where you can sell or buy for other users at a deep discount.
– the portal presents a huge amount of useful information for expectant mothers.
– Just directly on the site, you can get advice from a doctor.
– place the support system will always help if you have any questions.
– Development forum will help you to find like-minded people and answers to even the most tricky questions.


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