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Etmall is an online taiwan store that offers variety of products such as shoes and bags, with plastic coating, jewelry, gifts, watches, beauty, health, food, home sleep, daily, sports, 3c, appliances. They also offers daily goodies.

Daily goodies daily 00 o’clock in the morning to launch promotions limit buy commodities, each day the number of different restriction member, please render the main website. Goodies daily commodity credit cards only a lump sum.
Goodies Special Offer daily fixed Museum launched a series of other Goodies merchandise and non-merchandise Goodies day 24 installments, goodies price of 1,000 yuan of goods only a lump sum.

Daily Specials goodies goodies and limited activity at a single day Eastern shopping network, in order to enjoy preferential prices. Such as commodity into cart and click checkout after, you do not see lower prices, buying sales will be deemed complete, the supply can not follow the requirements of preferential prices.

In case of cancellations, pin back, will be eligible to participate in activities deemed to give, and can not claim afterwards supplies at discounted prices.

Daily Specials goodies goodies and unable to communicate with other marketing activities and promotions with the volume discount.

All these activities in case of force majeure situation generated Eastern shopping reserved replace, modify or stop the activity, movement will be related announcement Eastern shopping network, not be notified individually.

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