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HomeMe.ru is Russia’s largest online store of furniture.

The company was founded by Russian businessman Oleg a share. Initial investment in the company amounted to about 15 million dollars. In 2008-2009, the company took off in the rental of 3 thousand. Square meters on the territory of the plant ZIL for furniture production. In 2011 it was discovered two factories – in the Moscow region and Saratov.

In early 2012, it was launched portal HomeMe.ru. In the same year the company invested funds AddVenture, ABRT, as well as the Luxembourg fund Mangrove Capital Partners. The total purchase price was $ 5 million. The new shareholders bought 40% of the company.

According to data from 2014, the group of companies HomeMe worked about a thousand people, of whom about 500 were employed in the production of furniture. In October 2014 the venture fund Mangrove Capital Partners has sold its stake in HomeMe.ru. The reason was the political situation in Russia.

– They sell furniture of own production, and thus responsible for the quality goods from the time they are designing to build the house of the client.

– All services, including call center, CONSULT-point service and service delivery, and warehouses are full-time ones, and it allows you to better coordinate our work and meet the highest requirements of customers in Moscow.

– Possibility of payment after delivery and installation of furniture also determines the popularity of the shop among the customers, as calculated for the service is always nicer than buying a pig in a poke.

– After ordering and specify all the details of delivery and installation can be performed in a single day, which greatly simplifies the communication between the seller and the buyer within the metropolis such as Moscow.

– They conquer the clients not only the diversity of the models, but reasonable value for money.


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