ISPserver is a hosting provider with a fully managed hosting services.

We lease servers and sell domains, SSL-certificates and related hosting services: protection against DDoS attacks, backup drive and website performance monitoring.

We host websites of freelance photographers to international corporations

Smaller websites go on a shared hosting or a single physical server hosting multiple websites. Shared hosting costs from 2€ per month, with 20% discount for yearly payment and gratuitous .ru or .рф domain. Larger websites are host on either virtual or dedicated server. We provide tailored configuration, if a customized server is needed.

All the data is stored in the proprietary data center in Moscow, therefore, we can handle non-standard situations quickly and efficiently. We monitor the hardware and regularly upgrade, coordinate technical activities with our customers and perform them during the lowest website workload.

For the organization of hosting services we use ISPsystem software: Support staff undergo licensing, know and are able to use the software. We helped with the integration of several control panel modules, adapted them to suit our objectives and implemented Ceph for cloud-based servers.

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