1999 Our founders realize the Internet is a perfect tool to make legal help more widely available to all Americans, not just the wealthy. LegalZoom is born.

2001 We launch 10 web-based products, focusing on estate planning, business formation, and intellectual property protection. Word begins to spread: there’s a new way to get legal help.

2010 After a decade of growing our services and reputation, we innovate again, creating an “independent attorney network” for people to get personalized legal advice to address their individual needs.

2015 We reach 3.6 million customers, and gain wide recognition for providing legal help to middle-class Americans without sacrificing quality or professionalism.

2016 In the UK, we begin operating as a full-fledged law firm. Meanwhile, regulators in the US invite us to help find more ways to increase consumer access. The change we’ve brought to the practice of law is here to stay.


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