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Ri Happy Toys is the largest network retailer of toys of Brazil, founded in 1988 by pediatrician Richard Sayon, associated with a business administrator.

Some say that toys are things children, but some people take it very seriously sector. The network RI HAPPY stores always finds a way to help your customer to choose the right toy for the right child. All this combined with an environment where children can learn and have fun experimenting with the toys that both dream, transformed the RI HAPPY in the absolute market leader in its category.

The story
The success story began in 1988, when the pediatrician Ricardo Sayon, who always knew that play was necessary for the proper development of a child, joined the business administrator specializing in computer Roberto Saba, and decided to venture on a market that stirs dreams and innocence of childhood’s own fantasies, founding the RI HAPPY TOYS.

The largest network of Brazil’s toy stores, now has 114 sales outlets in 18 states plus the Federal District, installed in over 55 cities.
Approximately 90% of its stores are located in shopping malls. All units have network architecture and design that provide spaces for children to play, themed decor and even the scene of playful actions such as campaigns with activities monitored during the holidays.

The chain of stores has become the nation’s largest toy seller and the numbers do not lie: every year the RI HAPPY sells more than 900,000 dolls, more than 1.4 million Hot Wheels cars, 430 000 teddy bears and 40 000 units of the game Monopoly.


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