Shevelux is a spray for hair restoration. Trichologists innovative design with natural ingredients, strengthens hair roots and ensures an increase of 40%.

Hairspray SHEVELUX is a real find! The composition with natural ingredients effectively restore brittle, split and damaged hair. Clinical trials spray prove its effectiveness in the fight against hair loss and balding.

This is a fantastic development, has passed all the necessary laboratory tests and checks. In one the can contains all the components necessary to achieve the best results in caring for fragile, weakened and lifeless hair.

Benefits Shevelux
– acts on the cause of the loss
– awakens the hair follicles
– improves the quality of hair
– quickly gives the result
– cheaper than other treatments
– has no age restrictions
By making a purchase on the site, the client receives:
– A unique product;
– Favorable price offer;
– Bonuses and discounts when you order;
– Prompt delivery without risk.


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