For over 60 years the brand Tchibo is synonymous with coffee of the highest quality . The quality of our products is guaranteed by experts Tchibo , who watch over the process of selecting a coffee plantation, selection of beans and roasting coffee. Growing and buying green coffee is based on long-term cooperation with reliable business partners and on personal visits of experts Tchibo plantations. Purchased by these grains are repeatedly tested and then fired according to certain standards . That’s why Tchibo offers products of guaranteed quality. All this to every coffee lover can enjoy your moment with her.

Highest quality also means that the coffee has been produced in an environmentally sustainable natural and society. They believe that in the long-term we will be able to offer the highest quality coffee only if they take care of the condition of the soil and provide decent working conditions for those who are involved in the process of its production. They are convinced that the future of our industry depends on the consideration and implementation of the principles of sustainable development.

They attach great importance to high quality standards. They guarantee that each of their products is characterized by the highest quality performance . This certainty is achieved thanks to a multi-stage quality tests and a thorough analysis of the results.


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